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Services Provided to the Community

The Moody River Estates CDD encompasses approximately 320 acres north of Caloosahatchee River, and one mile west of S.R. 41 on Hancock Bridge Parkway in North Fort Myers, Florida. Services provided by the District, which are funded through an annual assessment levied via the Lee County Tax bill, include the stormwater management system, fountains, landscaping, and signage.

Stormwater Management System

Water and wastewater are managed by Lee County, but the stormwater management system is owned and maintained by the District. The stormwater management system comprises: 21 stormwater lakes encompassing 39.38 acres, excluding lakes #6, 16 & 21 which are used for irrigation, and 14 wetland/preserves encompassing 47.48 acres; the primary drainage pipe and control structure system comprised by roadway gutters, weirs, detention ponds, orifices, lake aerators, and conveyances connecting the lakes and the wetland areas, which together receive, detain, organically treat, and eventually convey storm water runoff during storm events into the Caloosahatchee River. The system is designed to fulfill the requirements of the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) permit.

Lake Bank Restoration

The District is focused on the continued, required lake bank restoration projects. Restoration is needed for all lakes in order to satisfy permit requirements on lake bank slope. This involves shoreline slope restoration and the installation of plants in the littoral zone along the bank for shoreline stabilization. Additional benefits of restoration include providing habitat for fish and birds, as well aesthetic benefits, particularly during the seasonal blooming periods.

Landscaping and Signage

Landscaping and signage are owned by the District. This includes landscaping along the perimeter berms, entry features, and pond littoral shelves. Signage and entry monuments are covered by the District but landscaping along private roadways are not.

All landscaping, beyond those for maintaining lake banks and littoral shelves, is maintained by the Moody River Estates Community Association (COA/HOA) by agreement with the district; that agreement can be viewed here.

Lake Fountains

There are 13 lake fountains that are owned and maintained by the District for the beauty of the community. Fountains are not part of the stormwater management system as the water churn rate caused by fountains is not such that it can affect the health of the lakes. Lake aerators are designed to cycle the water, which mitigates the causes of algae growth.